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​The Government is focused on strengthening the integrity of the Student visa program. This will ensure we grant visas to genuine students and give students who receive qualifications in Australia opportunities to contribute to Australia’s economic growth.

As part of the release of the Migration Strategy, the government announced changes to Student visa eligibility. These changes will restrict certain temporary visa holders from applying for a Student visa while in Australia.

From 1 July 2024, Temporary Graduate, Visitor and Maritime Crew visa holders will be unable to apply for a Student visa while in Australia. In addition to existing visas from which it is already not possible to apply for a Student visa onshore, the complete list of visa holders that will be unable to apply for a Student visa onshore are:

Visa hopping has contributed to a growing cohort of ‘permanently temporary’ former international students living in Australia. These changes, combined with other measures, will help to close this loophole and put an end to this practice.

Temporary Graduate Visa holders should depart Australia, or find skilled jobs and/​​or other visa pathways, including those that may lead to becoming permanent residents of Australia. Visitor visa applicants who intend to study will be required to apply for their Student visa from offshore.​

Student visa applicants genuinely intending to pursue studies in Australia can apply outside Australia. Those who meet the criteria will be granted a Student visa.​​

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